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This blog is to show daily photos of Logan City. This City is located just south of Brisbane City in Queensland, Australia. Logan is Queensland's third largest city and one that is young, dynamic and booming with growth. Home to 500 parks, the beautiful Logan River, local art galleries and a world class University.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Petrol price

Just thought I would post a picture of our petrol station. On the right is the petrol (Unleaded) cost per litre (0.26US Gallons, 0.22UK Gallons) which is AUS$1.14.9

Our new Mayor for Logan City is Graham Able.


Blogger Kerrin said...

Not as expensive as the UK I'm glad I don't have not had to buy any since I've been here. Bus fares did rise in the new year though as a direct result.

Mon. Apr. 03, 11:44:00 pm 2006  
Blogger Grant F said...

So cheap...we're paying around 90p a litre!

Tue. Apr. 04, 06:55:00 pm 2006  

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